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2014 Rules Update:

 - Effective Jan 1, 2014, the state limits each person to 100 lbs of plastic,100 lb of aluminum cans, and 1000 lbs of glass per day.
 - By law, if the cash out value of your CRV materials is over $100 we have to pay by check. 
 - If the total value of non-ferrous material (copper, wire, scrap aluminum, etc) is over $20, by law we hare required to hold your money for those materials for 3 business days unless you have a contractor's license or business license.

For more information please refer to the calrecycle website: http://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/

Public Services

Our facility serves as a drop off station for most recyclable materials opened to the public. We stress safety as a top priority for our employees and customers, thus we reduced the confusion and to assist the public better by providing these guidelines.

Step One:

Upon arrival our employees will assist in finding a parking location and help you sort as soon as possible. Recyclable materials must be sorted before acceptance. Certain requirements are required such as glass, where it is sorted not only as glass but by glass color of white, green, or and brown. Plastics are also required to be sorted by types as plastic 1 or plastic 2 as labeled.

Step Two:

We emphasize customer service and will help unload materials to everyone, with exception to busy days where we will assist first come first serve. We try our best to help everyone in a timely manner. However, please ask for assistance with heavy materials or those that require a forklift. We thank you for your patience.

Step Three:

Each material is weighed, where the net weight is displayed on the top display screen and the bins will be deducted accordingly. If you have less than 50 bottles or cans, you can request it to be counted. You can only opt out to be counted if it is less than 50 as required by law, otherwise we are required to weigh. The receipt will list each material with its weight and price.  We offer competitive prices.
As Easy as One, Two, Three!
If you need to ask about material and prices, please email us at Sales@Dannyreycling.com

Commercial Services

Recyclable Goods and Others

Please call for commercial hauling. We only pick up free of charge for certain materials at a specified minimum weight in the Bay Area.

Request Material Prices for Commercial

Please use our contact form to request material prices for commercial.